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Just in case Soul Calibur 6‘s robust character customization system wasn’t enough for players, Bandai Namco is ready to share another official roster addition for the recently released fighting game. Introducing 2B, the YoRHa android protagonist from PlatinumGames’ action-RPG Nier Automata. 2B will be joining the Soul Calibur 6 roster “soon” as part of the game’s season pass, which will eventually contain four total DLC characters.

The announcement of 2B joining the Soul Calibur 6 roster was made Saturday morning by producer Motohiro Okubo and professional player Kayane. The two took to a stage within the Bandai Namco booth at the Paris Games Week convention, only to surprise the audience by introducing Nier creator Yoko Taro. The group excitedly announced 2B’s inclusion in Soul Calibur 6 together.

A gameplay trailer featuring 2B was released shortly after the announcement. Nier Automata players will quickly recognize her arsenal of weapons and abilities accurately portrayed through 2B’s kit.

Players will be able to acquire 2B “soon” as part of Soul Calibur 6‘s Season Pass. 2B is the second of four featured characters that come with the purchase of the DLC, the first being the launch exclusive character Tira. Two additional character reveals are planned for the months ahead, as well as two as-yet unrevealed new armor packs. The season pass costs a total of $30, though the individual DLC pieces will likely be made available separately at a higher cost overall.

When the 2B DLC is eventually released for Soul Calibur 6 it will be packed full of content well beyond just 2B herself. Alongside her will be a healthy selection of weapons directly from Nier Automata, a background music track, a new stage set in 11945 AD, an additional 2B appropriate for a character made by Yoko Taro, as well as large selection of extra parts and stickers players can use in their customization. One example part is Emil’s mask, which also happens to be Yoko Taro’s favorite real-life accessory.

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