The McLaren Speedtail hybrid hyper car is the embodiment of our comic book fantasies | Innovation

We’re used to making some bold moves, but the Speedtail is something else. It’s a follow-on from the McLaren P1, the previous Ultimate Series McLaren, with the Woking company saying that this is its first “Hyper GT” car.

There’s inspiration from the McLaren P1 – with this car getting a similar petrol-electric powertrain – but there’s also input from the iconic McLaren F1. Why is the Speedtail drawing on these two models? Well, it out performs them.

In of looks, the Speedtail couldn’t be more different to the aggression of the McLaren P1; that huge rear wing that contorted like a fighter jet’s air brake is gone, replaced with a flexible carbonfibre skin to create a form that’s much more organic and fluid.

The front wheels have a static cover with a notch in it to direct the airflow in the optimal direction and covering those wheels helps lend to that retro chic that the car carries with it.

It’s delicious and gives the Speedtail lines that look like they’ve jumped straight out of the designer’s sketches, without any awkward engineering getting in the way. It’s as though someone designed a concept and then actually went and made it. This car is 5.2m long, half a metre longer than the P1, but it is slimmer. And remarkably, it’s a three seater. 

Say what? That’s right, the driver gets a central driving position – like the McLaren F1 – but is then flanked by two offset passenger seats. They’re not really rear seats, but we can only imagine what the thrill ride is going to be like for these passengers.

The McLaren Speedtail is limited to 106 models – and they’re all reserved already at £1.75 million (before taxes). Why 106? Because that’s how many McLaren F1 models were sold. There’s nothing like repeat business, heh?


In of performance, this 1,430kg car has a combined power output of 1050PS from its hybrid powertrain and can hit 250mph, making it the fastest McLaren production car, although this speed is only available in “Velocity” mode, also seeing the digital wing cameras retracting to boost the aerodynamic credentials.

McLaren hasn’t announced most of the details about the performance, save to say that it will hit 300kph (186mph) in 12.8 seconds, but doesn’t say anything beyond that. There’s no word on the exact make-up of this hybrid, no mention of how fast it might hit 62mph either.

Instead the focus is very much on craftsmanship, not only redesigning carbonfibre into a carbon and titanium weave to give you customisation options, but putting the focus on the highest quality of leathers and topping it all off with an 18-carat white gold badge. 

Naturally, it comes with matching bespoke luggage, constructed from carbonfibre, leather and metals, so you can carry your weekend essentials in style.

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