2018 iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard Folio — a big leap from the first Pro | Mac

While I upgrade my iPhone every year, my upgrade history trends toward every other generation: 2, fourth-gen, Air, and 9.7-inch . Skipping a generation (with the exception of the fourth-gen to original Air) has served me well as each upgrade is less incremental and more dramatic.

(I later acquired the original iPad — seen above stacked on the new iPad Pro — to collect; the new 11-inch iPad Pro feels like the modern version of that design with similar flat sides and the bulbous back squashed.)

This time around I’m upgrading from the 9.7-inch iPad Pro from early 2016 to the brand new 11-inch iPad Pro. The combination of upgraded specs, an all-new design, and subtly improved accessories is making this step all the more rewarding.


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