The weird state of “Microsoft” fonts in Linux | Linux

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I don’t get why such widespread fonts like Arial or Times New Roman are still under some weird licensing-whatever-restrictions.

Now when has invested so much in the ecosystem why not make the fonts easily installable via some official .deb file or whatever instead of that old unreliable sourceforge page that everybody is using to install them, or to be more precise – download them from Sourceforge – and get errors and connection refusal messages all the time.

Also, the ttf-mscorefonts-installer or whatever you use to install MSFT fonts downloads only a few old fonts, Calibri or others are not present.

Maybe there are some weird licensing problems and it’s not only on Microsoft, I don’t know.

I like Google’s approach much more. Noto, Roboto, and other fonts by Google are easily downloadable and installable on your system, no matter if it is Windows, Linux or whatnot.

Why don’t Microsoft offer those basic fonts in some .deb or .rpm package or some page on github (MSFT is the Github owner, right?) if they love Linux so much?

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