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Hi r/mac! First post here. I could use some opinions.

I inherited this 2012-ish Air from my office before I was laid off. It had survived some liquid damage. Initially it needed a new keyboard, so I replaced it with a third party. I have an ACMT from a previous job, but Apple repair was never an option – it was taken in and denied service already due to liquid damage.

Anyway, the first boot after the repair was normal, but the second boot looked like this. The black line in the middle is the cursor, it moves.

Not sure what’s going on on the right, seems to be happening in upload. please ignore.

My hunch is that I damaged the panel while disassembling the for the keyboard replacement but I have just never seen behaviour like this so I wanted some opinions!

Do I need a new panel/display assembly? Or is it a symptom of further liquid damage? I am hesitant to invest much into this machine given its age, but I don’t want to just give up on it all together.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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