How to Attach Files to Google Calendar Events



Events are a great way to organize meetings, but no meeting is complete without a slideshow, spreadsheet, pictures, or reports. Fortunately, you can easily attach anything from your Google Drive or your local hard drive to an event.

How to Files to Google Calendar Events

Adding attachments to an event gives you an easy way to share materials with attendees ahead of time. It also lets them pull up those materials at the meeting without having to hunt around for them.

Fire up Google Calendar in your web browser and click the red “+” to create a new event.


Next, click the paperclip icon located in the event detail tab to add an attachment.


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You can add from your Google Drive, that others have shared with you through Drive, or upload from your local hard drive. We’ll be using the Google Drive option for this guide, but the others work just the same.


Locate the file you want to attach to the event, click on it, and then click “Select.”


Click “Save” to create your event.


After attaching a file from your Google Drive to the event, you’ll be prompted to share the document with anyone who doesn’t already have access to it. Make sure “Turn Link Sharing On” is toggled and then click “Invite.”


When the people who have been invited open the email or event to view the details, they will be able to click on the link and open the file you’ve made available.

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