Far Cry New Dawn Will Feature Epic Beast Boss Battles

>Far New Dawn will take gamers to a bold new setting for the franchise: post-apocalypse. The game picks up some 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5, and that has some deep-lying ramifications for the world at large. Nuclear winter has given way to clear skies, and life has slowly returned to the semi-familiar setting of Hope County. In Far Cry New Dawn, the world certainly isn’t the same as it was before, and that’s true all the way down to the animals: this post-apocalyptic world is populated by new epic beasts, and they’re hungry for blood.

As it turns out, many of the animals in Hope County have adapted well to the end of the world. As explained by Far Cry New Dawn Creative Director Jean-Sébastien Decant, the origins of these mighty alpha beasts stems from the game’s predecessor. In Far Cry 5, the cult used a drug called bliss to help indoctrinate the local populace. After the bombs dropped, power plants in the region inevitably started to leak. This hydro activity mixed with the bliss, resulting in a cocktail that altered some of the Hope County wildlife into epic beasts over time.Decant said mosts of the animals of Hope County have undergone changes to some extent, with a select few of these animals having turned into some truly epic beasts that players will have to face.>

Far Cry New Dawn Bison

Increasing the difficulty of the game is a recurring theme for Ubisoft, and Far Cry New Dawn features plenty of new ways to do this. In prior Far Cry titles, capturing an outpost meant it was converted for good. Now, players will have the option to scavenge said outpost after capturing it. This will net players some bonus loot, but the outpost will then be retaken by the enemy faction, who will then level up the outpost. When an outpost levels up, it becomes protected by increased amounts of even tougher enemies. Each outpost has 3 possible levels, so completionists will have ample work to do if they want to capture every outpost in the game at its maximum level.

It’s not clear if these epic beasts will be unique encounters akin to the legendary animals in Red Dead Redemption, or if they’ll be a recurring threat that repeatedly spawns around the world. Ubisoft was tight-lipped on how many of these beasts can be found in New Dawn, leaving the assumption that a few are being kept as surprises. The series has had everything from wolverines to bees feature as hostile enemies at one point or another, leaving much to the imagination. Astute viewers will notice that a warm glow seems to be emanating from part of the gnarly cougar pictured above, potentially indicating a weak spot in the otherwise well-armored feline.>

With new epic beasts now roaming Hope County, there’s even more reason for players to explore with one of the game’s new guns for hire at their side. In any event, these epic beasts are sure to put up a much larger fight than their regular counterparts.

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