Top 10 Best Song Identifier Apps For Android in 2019

Best Song Identifier Apps For Android in 2019
Best For in 2019

We all know very well that Shazam is the most famous Android music recognition app among others that are available on the market, but once again let me clarify that Shazam is not the only one, as there are many. Hence, today in this awesome article we will simply present an amazing list in which we will show you 10 best song identifier apps for Android.

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10 Best Song Identifier Apps For Android in 2019

With the arrival of smartphones in our lives, it is all over to stay with the desire to know what song is playing on the radio, television or locality. As today our smartphone can simply tell us in just a few seconds the title and singer of the song we are listening and for this, we should simply thank the applications to recognize songs.

As there are several applications available on the internet that simply allow us to identify songs from our Android devices, and for that reason, we will now see a brief review of the best ones that currently exist to download on the tech giant Google’s well-known app market, of course, I am talking about none other than Google Play Store.

However, if you have experienced this situation then you might have heard about the well-known Shazam app which is the most famous Android music recognition app among others that are available on the market, but once again let me clarify that Shazam is not the only one, as we told earlier that there are many.

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In Android, there are many options to choose from and most offer an equally good performance like the well-known Shazam app. So, do not worry, if the well-known music recognition app Shazam doesn’t meet your expectation, as we can continue recognizing songs with others as well.


The best-known option and the most well-shaped rival of Shazam. SoundHound was launched in 2005 as a music recognition system and over time has been applying its technology to other fields as well. While its most well-known product is its Android app to identify songs and its intelligence to search songs.

The well-known music identifier, of course, SoundHound simply allows us to identify songs and then play them back or even watch the video clip as well. Moreover, this well-known application also allows you to connect with Spotify to simply identify the lyrics and add the songs to playlists. The application has a free version with ads and a search limit per month. If we want to find more songs or remove advertising, we can simply pay for that.

Beatfind – Music Recognition

Beatfind is probably the simplest option among all the apps that we have mentioned in this list. As in this app, you will find a large icon, if you will tap that icon it will simply begin the recognition of songs that you want to find. And the visual effects simply remind us of the years we used WinAmp as a music player on the computer.

Moreover, the application also allows us to have a history of the songs that we are identifying and once we have registered we can simply connect to other services such as Spotify or YouTube to have the issues under control and listen to them at another time. While this well-known music identifier application, of course, Beatfind is available for free.

Google (Beta)

For years the well-known app of the tech giant Google itself, which is known as Google simply allows us to find things by writing texts, saying something with the voice and not only that even it also identifies music as well. And to do so simply we have to open the search engine, leave the microphone of our Android to listen to the music and in a few seconds it will give us more information about that song.


This app is quite unknown to many of you, but let me clear one thing that this app really offers a lot of additional information as compared to other apps. As this awesome music identifier application, of course, I am talking about none other than the MusicID which simply identifies music and data of all kinds on the song, like the album and the artist or band that touches the song. Hence, if you are always curious to know the detail data of the song that you want to find then this awesome app is the most complete option for you.

While now if we talk about the connectivity with other services, then let me tell you that it is more limited but it allows us to search at the moment with YouTube.

Music Identification

The most generic application of the list, as it fulfills its purpose: listen to the music and tell us what theme is in tab format. It does not have lots of in-app design, as this app features a very simple design so that users don’t get confused.

If we look for a conventional identifier and the connectivity part with other services you are not interested, it is the best application for you that is available in this list. However, a little facelift would not hurt but it is undeniable that it works really well. Moreover, this awesome application is available for free and the most interesting thing is that this app does not contain any type of annoying ads.


Musixmatch is another great app for music recognition and its approach is one of the most functional. As this awesome app is for all those people who are not good at trying to figure out what they are singing, as it has much more features than recognizing songs.

If we use Spotify intensively, then this well-known application, of course, I am talking about none other than Musixmatch is an application that you should not miss. As its connection to the music service is complete and covers the lack of lyrics as well. While this awesome application is available for free but it comes with the annoying advertisements.


We all know very well that Shazam is the application which is well-known for identifying songs and therefore it is the most downloaded application that is currently available in this list since it was the first to reach our mobile devices.

As this well-known and most used application, of course, Shazam simply allows us to identify songs in seconds, follow their lyrics in real time, buy the songs, listen to the complete songs with Rdio, Spotify, Deezer or Google Play Music, watch videos, biography, discography and upcoming concerts of the artists as well. But that’s not all, as it also allows us to save our song history, see the news and world charts or by locations exploring the map. Moreover, this awesome complete application is available for free, but, it has a paid version as well in which it simply eliminates all the advertisings.


The Sony TrackID application is available for all Android devices of any manufacturer, as it offers features of a simple music recognition application that does not offer information about the song and its artist, list of successes by country and a history. So, if you want then you may give it a try once.

WhoSampled: Explore the DNA of Music

WhoSampled does not allow to identify the song that we are listening at that moment, but if we already know what song is we can see if it uses some “sample” of another song if it has been “sampled” by others, remade or remixed. So, it is a perfect application that will get us out of doubt when we see that the piece or rhythm of a song sounds like we have heard it before in another song.


Genius is also one of the well-known song identifier applications that is available for the tech giant Google’s well-known and most used mobile operating system, of course, Android. As this awesome app for Android simply let you easily find identify the song you want. Moreover, with this application, you can also find songs and its lyrics as well simply due to its huge collection of songs with its lyrics from different genres.

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These are our best recommendations for you, hence, as a suggestion, we recommend you to use and try some of these apps simply to find one that meets your expectations. So, what do you think about this list? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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