How to Get Every Dawning Ingredient in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Ingredient List

Destiny 2’s winter event is here and it’s tasking players with shipping up all sorts of goodies. The main gimmick of The Dawning event is users having to craft different types of treats via new materials they can farm. However, Bungie only hints at how to get these ingredients, which can be frustrating for an up and coming baker.

Remember, performing the actions above will not guarantee you an ingredient. It takes some time to farm some of these ingredients, especially the Rare ones. We recommend going for one ingredient at a time if you are looking to bake something specific. It doesn’t matter where or what Light you are. The difficulty of the activity doesn’t appear to change the drop rate, so just farm in Patrol Zones.

Additionally, since some of the requirements overlap you may end up getting a different ingredient than the one you’re going for. So if you’re using a Void Machine Gun you might get Bullet Spray instead of Null Taste. Keep this in mind when you are out farming for materials.

The final item you’ll need for crafting is Essence of Dawning, which is given out for completing activities, challenges, or bounties. Additionally, the Cryptarch will give you 15 Essence of Dawning anytime you turn in a gift to him. Think of this as a refund since it takes 15 to make a treat anyway.

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