Death Stranding: Is Kojima Teasing a New Announcement?

After rumors suggested that the Death Stranding release date would be announced during The Game Awards 2018, fans were disappointed when neither Hideo Kojima or his game made an appearance. Although the director and his forthcoming project was a no-show at the major awards event, fans are wondering whether a new video posted by the veteran game developer is a teaser for a larger announcement.

On his official Twitter account, Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima posted a 56-second long “trailer” for the game. However, while fans may get excited about potential new footage, it seems that the video is actually just a supercut of footage from existing Death Stranding trailers.

The video opens with the baby giving the camera a thumbs up (a scene which has since become a gaming meme) and it features footage of Norman Reedus’ character making a delivery. This delivery footage is something which fans saw in the debut gameplay trailer for the title. The characters played by the actresses Lea Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner are included in the video too.

The video does end by telling players that they can watch the full trailer at the official site for Kojima Productions, the developer behind the game. But, upon arriving on the site, it’s just a playlist of all of the Death Stranding trailers so far. This has all led fans to wonder why Kojima has tweeted this out now and whether there’s any significance to it.

As previously mentioned, with Death Stranding having skipped The Game Awards 2018, fans have speculated that Kojima may use some other opportunity to unveil something about the game. Fans are especially eager to know when they will be playing it, and Kojima has said that the title will be out before the Tokyo 2020 summer Olympics. However, while we’re still a long way off from the sporting event just yet, a release date would need to be unveiled some time in advance. With this being the case, Kojima could be teasing a release date announcement.

There’s also the fact that Kojima has been known to offer up information about the cryptic game where fans may not expect it. For example, fans discovered that by playing two Death Stranding trailers side by side, they could uncover additional secrets about the game. Fans have also found information from accessories worn by characters in trailers, and even mysterious posts published on Norman Reedus’ Instagram account. It’s unclear whether Kojima’s latest “trailer” tweet is something or nothing at all, but it is clear that fans are very much on the edges of their seats waiting to see what’s next.

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