Telsa New fart sound App integration is almost done

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You always knew your Tesla was missing something, right? You couldn’t figure it out, but the car just wasn’t quite living up to its full potential? Don’t worry, Elon Musk apparently thought that the vehicles were lacking some pizzazz, and not a moment too soon, the Tesla software was updated with a hidden fart Easter egg.

It was hard to believe on Saturday when Musk tweeted, “Tesla *wind emoji* app almost done. Important to get every note right!” that he could be suggesting that Tesla’s could be farting in the near future, but on Monday, that’s exactly what came to reality.

Not only can you select when fart noises come through the speakers — either on demand, when you activate a turn signal, or at random — but also you can choose which type of fart sounds: a Not a Fart, a Short Shorts Ripper, a Falcon Heavy, a Ludicrous Fart, a Neurastink and a Boring Fart. It’s not every day that a CEO will name farts in honor of his various ventures, but then again, we shouldn’t be surprised by Musk.

Here are some of the toots in action:

Indeed, Musk put some Tesla resources towards creating a fart feature for the software. The company also added a fireplace Easter egg that turns the center screen into a festive, cozy fire. Tesla really is turning up the heat for the holidays

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