How I Create Scenes for My LinkedIn Learning Courses

Step 2: Pick a Setting

The setting for a scene can have a tremendous influence on its authenticity.

Here I start with a few general ideas and then share them with my producer at Learning. The producer works with the production team to create the right set, cast the scene, and ensure everything can be filmed on time and on budget, so there’s a lot of collaboration at this point.

Sometimes, my ideas are easy to execute. The contact center set used in the video above was the same one used for my course, Phone-Based Customer Service. (Fast forward to 2:11 of this video and you’ll see the same set, shot from a slightly different angle.)

Other times, the producer will make some suggestions to find a setting that’s easier to build or perhaps will show up better on video.

I originally wanted to do a scene at a movie theater snack bar for my course on Working with Upset Customers, because I had seen a customer get unreasonably angry in that setting. The producer I was working with suggested a coffee setting instead, because that set was already built.

It was a great suggestion, especially because I’ve seen people lose it in coffee shops, too! Here’s a video using that set (the scene starts at :59):

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