The 10 Android apps that made the most money worldwide in 2018

Social networking apps had some of the highest revenue numbers on phones this year, but the apps topping the charts may not be from the big American tech names you're expecting.

That's according to new data from Sensor Tower, which ranked the Android apps that had the highest revenue numbers in 2018. The data covers a period ending on November 30th.

Top 10 lists of Highest-grossing Apps

Between Android and iOS devices, there are three apps that appeared on both devices' top 10 lists of highest-grossing apps, and they're all produced by US- companies.

Here are the highest grossing Android apps in 2018, and how much revenue each app brought in:

10. HBO Now — $38.5 billion

9. LINE Manga — $49.4 million

8. KakaoTalk — $57.4 million

7. Azar — $66.1 million

6. Netflix — $97.8 million

5. Bigo Live — $100.4 million

4. Line — $105.4 million

3. Pandora — $132.0 million

2. Google Drive — $164.3 million

1. Tinder — $274.9 million

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