Christmas Productivity Tips

As today is still a working day for a lot of people despite it being Christmas Eve I thought I’d put together a “Mini” round-up of articles from Flipping Heck that deal with some of the issues surrounding us at Christmas.

So, as you’re winding down for your well-deserved Christmas Break (which I hope you’re getting!) check out our Christmas Guides.

It’s very tempting to slow down a bit at this time of year thanks to all of the parties, but it’s also too easy to promise a customer you’ll get them something by the end of the year and then ruin your own holidays trying to keep your promise. In this article Mark Ellis gives you some great tips on how to stay productive and sane during the holidays.

It’s too easy to get drawn back into work when you’ve taken time off work and this is the time of year which is when we should be spending more time with our families rather than answering work emails. In this articles I look at 5 ways you can organise things to allow you to spend precious family time together.

You might decide that you’re not going to go near work at all over the holidays so take today as the opportunity to put a few things in place in order to make your holidays a work-free zone. Also check out “How To Prepare For A Work-Free Holiday for more great tips

If you work for yourself then you may think that you need to keep working after all you have bills to pay and you don’t want to lose clients because you’re taking time off. With the right management though it is possible to have a Christmas and keep your customers happy.

This time of year is when colds and flu come out to play and, as we’re socialising a lot more, it’s easy to pick up an unwanted bug. There are a few tips and tricks you can use to keep healthy during the dark winter months although my favourite is still a hot toddy!

I don’t know about you be getting up when it’s dark and the sun going down so early really makes me feel lethargic and not want to do much at all there are ways to become more productive (and make a bit of extra money too).

Finally, when families come together (and booze is involved) there can be a tendencies for tensions to get a little frayed. There are some ways you can reduce the tension or diffuse the situation though which, while not giving you 100% harmony at Christmas, will help smooth things over.

Do you have any tips for a peaceful and productive Christmas? Let us know in the comments

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