7 Benefits of Using Google Cloud Platform for Your Business

Platform (GCP) can make working on projects and websites easier for your , whether it is big or small.

But what is GCP, how is it different from Google Drive, and how can you use it to improve your business? Here are all the answers you need.

1. Improved Features

Some readers are probably looking at their Google Drive and wondering if they have Google Cloud already. Google Drive is a type of cloud storage but is not Google Cloud.

Business owners will be blown away by what Google Cloud has to offer. There is so much there that you may need a Google Cloud partner to help you find the best services!

GCP is similar to Google Drive in its collaborative project features, but the similarities stop there. It has unlimited data, better security, and a different way of viewing projects versus Google Drive. That said, it is not a free service; you pay for what features you need.

2. Unlimited Data

The biggest benefit of the Cloud is unlimited data. This makes it excellent for small- to medium-sized businesses that make large projects. While you may think 15GB will be plenty, if you make video games, movies, or other art forms, it will vanish in a heartbeat.

3. Gather Data Effectively

Most people instinctively Google something when they have a question. But what if your business wants to ask questions over a long time or see up-to-the-minute analytics? BigQuery gives you the data your business needs when you need it, allowing you to make snap decisions.

4. Take Advantage of Tutorials (and Other Materials)

One of the best things about Google's suite of services is that there are a lot of resources. Many of these pages are made by Google, not random tech blogs, so you know they will be accurate.

The people on Google's support forums are usually able to help. If you want to master the Cloud, there are even advanced courses!

5. Advanced Services

GCP offers several advanced services depending on what your niche is. For example, there are specific services for live streamers and healthcare workers.

Telecommunications and retailers can also take advantage of GCP's business solutions. The fees for these services are added to the overall price of your Google Cloud bill. Choose wisely!

6. Make Websites and Apps

Every business seems to have an app these days. Unfortunately for many business owners, making an app requires some coding knowledge.

GCP's app creator and website hosting can make the digital side of your business much more manageable. It also offers special deals for WordPress, one of the most popular site builders on the internet.

7. Train AI

Google Cloud stands out from Amazon and Microsoft's cloud services with its AI/ML features. If you need a chatbot, it can do that, but bigger businesses will also use AI for services like crunching data.

Whether you want to make a generative AI like ChatGPT or just want a chatbot for your website, Google Cloud can make your data gathering, generation, and chatbots better than they were before.

Be aware that this is relatively novel territory. You should keep tabs on the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative to understand how AI might affect your business, regardless of if you intend to use AI or not.


While many sole business owners may be fine with Google Drive, Google Cloud is an invaluable asset for coordinating multiple projects with large teams. You can even use features on Google Drive to create apps and AI for your business!

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