What name will Google give to Android Q?

What will be the name of the next version of Android? It’s fun to try to guess which sweet will inspire Google this time around, but I warn you, this year will be more complicated than usual. Can you think of any sweets starting with Q?

Q is for…?

Google certainly isn’t always punctual when it comes to releasing updates. In 2019 we’ll see more and more devices receiving Android Pie, which will happen as Android 10 Q is released. So which treat did Google choose this time around to honor the new version of Android?

This time around it’s more difficult than ever. Android P gave us the chance to imagine pralines, pancakes, popcorn, and so on. With Android Q, it’s a lot harder to think of any tempting foods. It’s a bit like a tough round of Scattergories. Whether you’re thinking of cities, animals, or anything else, it’s tough to think of anything that starts with Q.

The first delicacy that came to my mind is quiche, but I’m not sure we can call it a dessert. Yes, there’s all sorts of strange desserts, so perhaps quiche could pass. But what other sweets, snacks, and desserts exist that begin with Q? After a little research, here’s a list of suggestions I compiled.

android q dessert

Did you come up with any other sweet foods that have your mouth watering? Do you think Google will opt for a dessert again this year or will they change menus for Android 10? Let us know in the comments and have fun taking your pick!

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