Mednax Radiology Solutions Launches Artificial Intelligence Incubator

Mednax Inc. and Mednax Radiology , one of the nation’s largest radiology practices, has launched the Mednax Radiology (MDR-AI) Incubator. The MDR-AI Incubator brings together radiologists, a rich clinical dataset, and a select group of technology partners that will stimulate innovation and product development in radiology, improving radiologist’s accuracy and efficiency and overall quality of patient care.

There are currently 15 active partners at various levels of engagement that are already delivering value through production use of existing models within the Mednax Radiology Common Imaging Platform. Together with its growing network of partnerships, Mednax Radiology Solutions has built an ecosystem made up of what it calls the largest and most diverse data set, with AI-based natural language processing, access to radiologists providing data curation services, and an ability to validate models on a national scale.

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