Kingdom Hearts 3: All Flantastic Seven Locations

Kingdom Hearts 3 is now available and long-time fans of the franchise are busy working through the game’s exciting campaign. Although there is plenty of main storyline content to go around, completionists who want to sink even more hours into the Disney worlds have plenty of optional minigames and challenges to undertake. Players who plan to find all seven giant flan locations might want a few hints though.

Scattered throughout the massive game are the Seven. Each of the giant flans tasks the player with completing a minigame to unlock a reward. Although most of those minigames aren’t terribly challenging, finding the flans can be a little tricky.

First, remember that the flan won’t appear the first time playing through a world. Sora and crew need to return after finishing the world’s main storyline before hunting down these challenges and rewards. For players who are ready to start returning to complete worlds and earning their Flan rewards, here is where to track down the location in each of the worlds:


Nearest Save Point: Overlook. Head up the stairs right behind the save point and the flan will be right in front of you.

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Toy Box

Nearest Save Point: Rest Area. Head straight towards the vending machines until you find a strawberry to interact with.

Kingdom of Corona

Blood Orange Flan

Nearest Save Point: The Forest. Head straight through the chasm and pass the small pond on your right. The flan will be just passed the lake.


Banana Flan

Nearest Save Point: Basement. Head through the door in front of you and towards the door vault. Follow the hallway until you see the wall of doors. On the left-hand side is a door to a new area. Enter the door and turn around to go through the archway and find the flan.


Grape Flan

Nearest Save Point: Mountain Ridge. Turn left and head over the side of the mountain. Head all the way down and look for the spot of purple in the clearing to find the grape flan.

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The Caribbean

Watermelon Flan

Nearest Save Point: Port Royal. Take the first right through the archway and the flan will be right there.

San Fransokyo

Honeydew Flan

Nearest Save Point: South District (only available at night). Here you’ll need to climb up John’s Fashion Center. After reaching the top, airstep over to the building with the radio antenna on it. Jump to the rooftop to the right to find the last flan.

That’s all there is to it! After locating each flan, players can complete the associated minigame and claim their reward. Be sure to check back for more Kingdom Hearts 3 news, guides, and updates. Until then, all for one and one for all

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