6 time-consuming PR tasks you should automate

Many PR tasks are repetitive, boring and time-consuming yet they must get done.

You could be holding back your business or career if you’re wasting much of your limited time on tasks that could be automated, notably these six:

1. Tracking email responses. You’re almost certainly sending lots of emails, which results one hopes in abudant responses. Keeping track of all those messages manually can be difficult and time-consuming. Email add-ons such as Yesware can help monitor the number of opens, clicks and responses to emails you send.

2. Getting multimedia press releases published. A lot goes into creating a multimedia press release, but when it comes time to publish and distribute it, you can automate the process to save time. Create a multimedia press release with a platform such as Prezly, which generates email versions of your news release that you can send to journalists for review and consideration.

3. Scheduling social media posts. “You can actually plan and schedule what will be posted, so that it automatically happens without you having to set a timer and hop on the computer each time you want to post,” says communications manager Willie Garrett of UK Writingsand Academized. Inexpensive and even free tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer can help manage social media accounts and schedule posts to keep those feeds active.

4. Monitoring social media. If people mention or interact with your brand on social media, you want to know about it right away. Many comments about your organization, especially customer complaints, call for a quick response. The quicker your response, the better experience your user will have. A social media monitoring tool with automated email alerts, such as info, will notify you when someone mentions your brand or other keywords you choose, lowering the chance you’ll miss something important.

5. Creating a list of influencers. You no longer have to spend hours searching online for contact information of relevant influencers. Now, all you’ve got to do is find a program such as Buzzstream, and pretty much everything is done automatically for you. With the service, you input the blog or website into the database, and all the information you’re looking for can be extracted and entered into a spreadsheet.

6. Keeping in touch with influencers. Outreach and responses to influencers must be relevant and focused to have optimal impact. To tailor your response to the specific influencer, you have two options: Complete extensive research on the influencer by examining their online presence and social media outlets, or automate this process with a program such as Rapportive that generates that data for you. Staying in contact with influencers is highly recommended, even when there’s nothing hugely significant happening. Send periodic messages, links or relevant articles to keep in touch and build rapport with influencers.

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