6 Tips to Create an Effective Induction Process in Your HR Department

It’s one thing to employ new staff members in your company, but it’s another to have an induction process thoroughly written out in your HR department.

By induction, we are not just referring to some ordinary induction process, but one that will help reduce the turnover rate among new employees for three months, six months, and beyond.

1. Diversification

It’s never been a good idea to lay all your eggs in one basket, except this time, companies erroneously think they can have it all taught in a day. As a company, if you must have an effective induction process in HR, you must split the days for the induction.

In other words, avoid trying to force everything into a single day, no! If you do that, you are only sabotaging the future of your company because, even though the new employees may pretend as if they heard everything, eventually, they’ll soon become a nuisance to your company, thus stunting the growth of your company. So, during your company’s induction process, make sure that the process is being divided into days. The first day maybe for Area 1, the next day Area 2, and so on.

2. Be Creative

An induction process can only be deemed effective when the new employees inducted have understood what’s been shown to them. In other words, find creative ways to make them know or assimilate what’s being taught to them. For instance, during the induction process, try appointing anyone of the new employees to repeat what you just did or showed them some hours ago. Creative methods such as this help people assimilate things faster.

3. program checklist

Another way to make your induction process effective is by creating an induction program checklist[4]. Although this is like the first point we made, however, creating a list will not only help the new staff know what they will be taught the next day but will also help show them how far they’ve gone. Everyone needs boosters!

4. Positivity

No one loves to have negative energies around them, and I’m sure the new employees would appreciate the effort if your company’s HR department would be so kind as to use positive languages while inducting them. Scolding or belittling new employee during the induction process can big turn off.

5. Experienced Mentor

When it comes to choosing the head of your HR department, consider that this person is going to be the chief mentor who oversees all the new employees during the induction process. With this in mind, you might want to look for an experienced and patient trainer who can walk with each new employee in their first few days or weeks on the job.

6. Cover the Practical and Theoretical

To have an effective induction process, it must cover both the practical and theoretical aspects of your company. Thus, after they are being shown around, and informed about the do’s and don’ts of your company, try sending each of them either through text or email, copies of your company’s policies, rules, and so on. This is because every effective induction processes out there, always cover both sides of the company.

In a nutshell, the best you can do to the future of your employees, as well as your company, is to induct them properly. And one of the ways to make your induction process effective is by using the above tips.

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