Top Facebook Advertising Tips For Building Better Brand Awareness

Very few advertising campaigns do not include a targeted effort on Facebook. The fact that Facebook advertising is integral to any campaign comes as no surprise.

Facebook brought in roughly $13 billion in advertisement dollars in a single quarter. Smart businesses are trying to reach the 2.5 billion Facebook in the world.

One challenge for small businesses is that everyone is advertising on Facebook. This means that users are inundated with ads and may start ignoring them.

Read on for Facebook advertising tips to ensure this doesn’t happen to your company. Explore advertising strategies that will optimize your company’s social media presence.

Create a Custom Audience 

One powerful aspect of Facebook advertising is the ability to create a custom audience. The goal is to develop a targeted following that is most likely to purchase your product or service.

Facebook Insight provides the information you need to see the makeup of this audience. Insight gives demographic data such as location, gender, and age.

Achieve Brand Awareness

Your company is not going to sell anything on Facebook. Instead, the objective is to drive traffic to your website and convert leads into sales.

Use Facebook to let people know what your company’s brand is all about. Establish your company as the subject matter experts.

This involves posting content that is informative and interesting. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to establish brand awareness with this custom audience.

Maximize Use of Video

In the mobile era, consumers are less likely to interact with print or written content. Consumer surveys show that video content is substantially more popular.

In fact, consumers are nearly 40 percent more likely to share a video than a blog post. Consider a blog post about how to create a 1099 form.

Despite its informational value, this topic may not be intriguing to the masses. However, you will get more interaction using an interesting or comical video instead.

Consider Using a Social Media Influencer

Surveys show that many consumers trust an influencer over a brand. If a popular athlete or celebrity tells them a product or service is good, that is enough for them.

This may be difficult for companies with a limited budget. However, influencers come in all shapes or sizes. The social media influencer that is right for your company may be a local hero.

Focus on Mobile Ads

Just like print content, another segment in decline is desktop advertisements. Most people access Facebook via a mobile device instead of using a desktop computer.

Therefore, you can reduce advertising costs and increase efficacy by focusing on mobile ads. This is especially true if your product or service is appealing to a younger demographic.

A Recap of Facebook Advertising Tips

Facebook is clearly a powerful advertising tool. With so many users, advertising on Facebook is integral to any digital campaign.

Taking steps like creating video content and developing a custom audience goes a long way. If you enjoyed this article about Facebook advertising tips, check out our social media blog for more content.

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