How to Stop Autoplay Videos in Google Play Store on Android

If you’re not a fan of videos automatically playing when checking out movies or games in the Play Store on Android you can turn them off.

It can be quite annoying when video previews for movies and/or games automatically play when you open a digital store or streaming service. Think of the video preview that plays automatically on Netflix while reading the description of a TV show or movie. Or while reading the description of a game in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10.

And having video previews autoplay for movies and games in the Play Store on your Android device is no exception. Here’s how to stop the autoplay behavior of the Store on your Android phone or tablet.

Disable Auto-Play Videos in Google Play Store

First, open the Play Store on your Android phone or tablet and tap the Options menu on the upper-right corner of the search box. Then scroll down and tap Settings from the list.

Next, tap on Auto-play videos from the menu. A box will come up with different choices on how you want the auto-play feature in the Store to behave. You can choose from playing them all the time, only when connected to Wi-Fi, or not at all.

Since we want to stop them completely tap the Don’t auto-play videos option. After you’ve made your choice make sure to tap Done to save the change.

If you like the videos your option is to have them play when connected to Wi-Fi. If go with the first option to have them all the time it will eat into your data if you’re on a limited plan.

And speaking of Windows 10 when you check out the description of a game or movie, it will autoplay a video. It’s on by default but you can turn it off.

Not only can autoplay videos be annoying, but they also suck up needless data, bandwidth, and device resources. Luckily Google allows you to turn it off in its Play Store, too.

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