Some tech tips to increase productivity while working from home

Furthermore, with distractions arising from kids, pets, and family all home as well, having a productive workday can be difficult to achieve. The coronavirus situation as led many companies to recommend that employees work from home. For many, remote work is a new reality and one that takes some getting used to.

To gain some insights into how remote can be made easier, Journal caught up with Kingston to gain an insight into some ‘top tech tips’ and recommendations for home working during the time of coronavirus.

Create Your Ideal Workspace

For people working at home for the first time, finding or creating the right working spot is critical for . As an example, it is best to avoid working from bed. Instead, it is a better idea find a space in the home that is comfortable, gets enough natural light, and is inspiring.

Structure and Prioritize Your Day

Developing a daily routine is important for increasing and maintaining productivity. Setting regular working hours helps each individual to get in “work mode” while also letting each person to mentally leave work at the end of the day. In terms of structure, it is important to schedule in time for lunch, as well as a short break. Exercise is also key. Some people take walks during lunchtime (maintaining social distancing), while others elect do at-home workouts to separate that time between work and the evening meal.

Utilize the Right Tools

Whether it is using a wireless keyboard or mouse, a meditation app or a headset, there are a range of hardware and software tools designed to help individuals to become more productive at at their jobs.

It is also important to maintain cybersecurity, such as using an encrypted USB drive for the quick, easy and secure data back and forth between devices.

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