Best Online Marketing Ideas in 2020

You have just started with your new business and you are probably thinking about what would be a good marketing strategy. As your business is at the very beginning, we presume your marketing funds are very limited, especially in terms of traditional marketing ways. Fortunately, we have the internet, which allows us to build amazing marketing strategies at minimal costs. These days, online marketing is far superior compared to some more traditional, “real-life” methods, so we don’t need to explain you where to put your focus.

Good online marketing strategy requires a little bit of knowledge, but it is mostly about hard work and consistency. Therefore, we’ve prepared a couple of online marketing ideas, to make the whole process more convenient for you.

Create a Website

Times, when websites were reserved for big companies, is a distant past. These days, you will hardly find a business that isn’t online. This isn’t a big investment. Moreover, you can do this by yourself if your budget is so tight. Just check a couple of instructional videos and you will realize it’s not that hard at all. If you already have a website, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to update it and create a new layout. No one likes to see a website that looks like websites from two decades ago.

Find a domain name, relevant to your website and you’ll be halfway there in terms of creating your website. Having a relevant domain name makes it easier for your customers to remember your site and helps develop your branding.

Create Great Content

Once you’re done with making a website, it’s time to fill it with good content. Of course, the first thing you’ll upload would be content that is strictly related to the service you offer. The next step would be to start a blog, which is highly beneficial in many ways. First of all, you will gain some authority with hi-quality content, but if your goof with keywords and SEO optimizing, you can significantly increase the number of visitors.

Instructional Videos

This is definitely one of the best ways to advertise yourself. Still, keep in mind that the thing with YouTube videos isn’t just about great content, but about video production as well. Therefore, find someone to help you with this. You don’t necessarily have to pay a fortune to a professional. Find a film student, which is probably full of optimism and results will probably be even better.

Social Networks

We are living in the world of social networks, one of the best online marketing ideas would be to create accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit etc. There you can share all kinds of stuff, starting from photos, short posts, stories and other content on a daily basis.

Facebook and Google Ads

It’s easy to be make money on social media when you don’t have budget issues, but you can actually advertise on these platforms without paying a real fortune. You can always find discounts and coupons. For example, there are many web hosting services that offer advertising discount codes as a part of their strategy to get more members. This can turn out great for both sides. However, keep in mind that you will definitely have a lot of many anyway if you plan aggressive advertising actions.

Guest Blogging

In the past, this was a fantastic way to drive traffic, but things are a little bit more complicated these days, as Google standards are much higher now, so you have to pay a lot more attention and be more ethical. Although, not as powerful it used to be, this is still a great way to promote your business and build up a connection with your readers and related community.

Ask For Email Addresses

One of the most important things in online marketing is to build a close connection with your customers. One of the things that come to mind first is to ask for email addresses. In that way, you can send them emails in order to get feedback, or simply to inform them about new products and services, upcoming events and promotions etc.

Keep Content Up To Date

No matter the business, it’s critical to be up to date, always. Therefore, be sure to check your old content occasionally and fill it up with new information. Rework them, or simply replace them with new content, if it really looks outdated.

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