New bug on Google Play Store keeps showing new updates

Android users have been facing a new bug where Google is prompting users to download Android updates that they have already installed, according to a report by Prosyscom tech.

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“If you compare the version noted on the Google Play listing with your device's App info page before downloading, you'll notice that they're identical. Some are from the last week, while others happen to be months-old,” said the report.

Once users tap on update, they will see that some apps go in the pending , while others are too quick to install. Once the apps are installed they will appear under the “Recently updated” list and after you “updated” an application, it will no longer appear in the queue. As soon as users close Google Play , the multitasking menu will make some of those updates vanish and new ones will show up.

So far, there doesn't appear to be any fix for the issue that, as per the report, is a little widespread.

This is the second bug that has appeared on the Google Play Store this month. Last week, a bug came to light that was reportedly hiding app images and icons from the listing page. Several people reported about this image disappearing issue on Google Play Help forum and Reddit.

A Reddit user TrissTheGreat posted a screenshot of the Play Store that clearly shows that the Android app store is not loading up images for some apps. The user also claims that he's using the latest version of the Play Store.

Another user reported that they are facing similar issues in the Google Play Movies section, Some of them are even saying that the problem persists even after restarting the device and clearing the app data and cache of Play Store.

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