Top 7 Benefits of Podcasting for your business

Podcasting is potentially powerful mode of advertisement. It is basically an audio broadcast that subscribers can download from websites and listen to at their convenience through desktops, laptops, iPods, and MP3 players. It provides information on products and services, presenting content on a regular basis to help keep customers abreast of the latest in the market.

Benefits Of Podcasting

Creates a Positive Recall Value

The quality of the speaker in the podcast can influence the listener significantly. Staying alive in the customer’s mind is a very challenging task. A podcast has the advantages of audio effects and manages to hold customers’ attention more effectively than the published text. The spoken word appeals to the subscriber’s senses in a way the written word may fail to do.

Source of Information

Podcasts act as important sources through which subscribers gain information on new products, technologies and services. The manner in which information is presented can also influence the customer positively enough to drive sales. Additionally, registering in a podcast directory will help customers find you when required.

Direct Access to the Customer’s

There are many people who dislike reading texts and messages. A podcast can successfully sidestep this issue by reading the information out loud to the subscriber, keeping them informed and interested.

Economical Mode of Publicity

With a very low initial investment (it could be as low as a few hundred dollars to own a podcast), you can reach a wide market base. Once you have garnered a sizeable subscriber base, you may even consider selling advertising space for revenue. So, it also presents another avenue to earn revenues.

Advertising Supplementary Products

Regularly updating your podcasts keeps customers interested in all that you have to offer. This will ensure that the subscribers regularly tune in to your site and give you an opportunity to introduce a new line or add to your existing line.

Increases Traffic to Your Site

A high-quality podcast is bound to be forwarded, especially with the abundance of social networking sites; the speed with which information can be spread is remarkable. This will generate interest in the company’s products and services, increase subscriptions, and in time, sales as well.

Universal Accessibility

One of the best features of a podcast is that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Customers have access through their computers and laptops as well as through iPods and cell phones. So, while traveling on the train to work or jogging in the park, subscribers can listen to the podcasts and gain information on your services.

How To Run A Successful Podcast

Ensure that you keep the podcasts free for subscribers to download, especially at the beginning. Over time, if you manage to attract a regular audience and prove the usefulness of your content, then you may start charging a fee. But, till you make a name for yourself, it would be wise to keep it free.

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