5 Significant TikTok Trends You Must Keep An Eye Out

The year 2019 was a victorious year for the short-term video content platform . It's not slowed its power from occupying most downloaded apps to the favorite app for the Z generation. On keeping the same strength for upcoming years, some great metrics influence the platform.

We spent more hours at Fanbytes to familiarize with the Z generation behavior and use the famous content. If you need to stand out from the TikTok crowd overnight, then here are the simple you must keep an eye out for in upcoming years on TikTok.

Memes Everywhere

Would you know? If I asked you for the very first time you heard Old Town Road. Would you be surprised that it rises from TikTok?

It is just one example of lots where a piece of music or song went viral and won out thanks to memes' culture on TikTok. Nowadays, Memes are picked as a perfect communication metric among the Z generation, and it unlocks a whole world for all the brands who need to become a section of the conversation.

Clicking into this has helped a lot to our clients for bringing the successful results. We have worked with the existing tools and features on TikTok to show the ‘VSCO Girl‘ meme in a campaign for the sound ‘VSCO Girl' by the Round2crew team with Atlantic records.

‘VSCO Girl' is a mini culture on TikTok. It shows the girl's lifestyle of reusable straws, hydro-flasks, Birkenstocks, etc. We worked on the ‘VSCO Girl' marketability, and it pays off more. It performs incredibly and acquires more than 252k views and above 38k hearts.

Use Of Data-Driven Approach

Short term video sharing platform TikTok has been seen as the west part of social media platforms, but it's going to change. The platform matured and also the technology behind it. Two years ago, we saw how an influencer analytics program on Instagram authorized the tools and features wanted for the data-driven approach to Instagram's Influencer marketing.

The first analytics tool for influencers across the globe is Byte sights. It allows the brand or business to get significant demographics and influencers metrics before running a campaign. Data are super strong, and Byte sights give the brands robust metrics on TikTok.

The platform allows metrics on above 200 various data to make proper metric calculations. From tracking accounts or hashtags, identifying the rising stars, to the trends, our data use AI to produce the perfect insights. You can get what is working and what doesn't on the Z generation's favorite app.

TikTok is TV

There is one astonishing thing that brings the TikTok to stand out from the other social media networks. That makes the audience feel that they are watching Television shows.

We analyzed many TikTok contents that have a shadow of TV protocol, and then we confirmed that this continues in the upcoming years.

Every TikTok video has hashtags, giving the audience an excellent opportunity to watch the perfect content for a particular time, like the exact way that you could wait for the next part of your best-loved TV show.

It is excellent for the brands and creators on TikTok, where it brings the audience to compel them to land on their respective pages to get the things that happen next.

We have picked up an influencer who uploads content on their profile section to promise to upload the punchline on the respective branded accounts. It is an overall hit that brings over 1000 fans to the brand's account on TikTok in just two days.

Involving Face To The Brand

Brands don't have many faces, but the audience does. So, involving insights into your company's culture and exploring the brand's diverse and real faces helps the users connect with your brand.

It is nothing more compelling than a brand to the users on TikTok that is real, authentic, and moreover, it will entertain throughout the video. We have seen many brands on TikTok posting videos¬† ‘behind the scenes' to attract the Z generation. Such content does not include any makeover and effects but gets abundant TikTok likes from many people for its raw format.

The brand Washington Post is a perfect example of who has successfully worked this trend. Washington Post gives striking looks into the breaking stories, and at the same time, it combines the humor and tools existing on TikTok, spotting their stunning brand as entertaining. This formula helped them receive above 370k followers, and it became the chief news brand on TikTok.

Don't forget that the platform is a safe zone always, which gains more authenticity towards it.

Improbable Brands Are Coming To TikTok

TikTok is a star-making powerful machine, which doesn't mean it's all about it, and many brands come forward to bring a glimpse of its victory.

All the brands understand that providing troublemaking brand ketogenic strengthens the generation Z, and they should go beyond the traditional ad texts.

We have worked with the international accounting body brand ACCA to bring their first campaign on TikTok. Though they were not a brand to be successful on TikTok, we can tell their words significantly, gaining authenticity from the Z generation and younger demographics.

Working with the only two Influencers on TikTok, they are fully responsible for making organic and unique content that turns the “boring, dull” to “impactful, exciting.” We can produce over a million views all over social media and receive over a thousand comments from the Z generation users.


TikTok is looking to follow 2009 in 2020 and, in upcoming years, as better, bigger, and more powerful. If you are a significant brand sector and you wish to accelerate on TikTok, then keep on noticing the TikTok platform for more approaches. You will receive younger generation users and trustable consumers all over the world on TikTok.

Author Bio:

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers.

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