12 Jobs that women are might be more productive than men

Women held more U.S. jobs than men in December for the first time (WCJ) . Education and health-services sector added 36,000 jobs compared with the prior month. Both of those industries are predominantly female.

According to survey “Women are good at verbal and non verbal communication skills. So any job involves verbal and non verbal communication as it’s primary requirement, women can perform better than men”.

In this article we share few jobs that women are more productive than men.

Online Jobs: Women might be more productive

All you need to earn money online is a computer and a desk. These skills will help you build and scale a business that’ll give you the freedom.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assisting, or being a VA, is a simple business for women who are reliable, organized, and good problem solvers. VAs do a range of tasks for business owners from social media and calendar management to personal tasks like booking hotels and restaurant reservations.

The tasks themselves aren’t difficult and can be a great way to take the leap into self-employment.

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Graphic design

Some of the best job for women include working as a graphic designer making websites, designing logos, and developing innovative products. Trying your hand at a variety of design techniques in different industries could give you the confidence you need to start your own design agency.

Design or creative agencies do all aspects of branding in-house, including campaign direction, design, public relations, and content creation. This is a great way to build a business that’s scalable and can create jobs for others.

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Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has been one of the fields in which the male dominance has subsided with active female participation in it. Online tuitions are one of the best ways to maintain a balance between family and career for many women. It is the best way to earn good amount of money sitting at your home.

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Reselling high-end fashion

Buying secondhand clothes and reselling them on social media or eBay can be a lucrative job for house wife or anyone with a passion for fashion. High-end luxury brands are best for building a business around because of their high resale value. If you live in or near an affluent neighborhood, you can find high-end clothing in local thrift stores.

Marketing and public relations

Small business owners find social media intimidating. If you have a background in marketing or you’re comfortable with social media, you can build and scale a great business in this space.

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The demand for these services is so great you don’t have to stop at offering marketing and public relations services, you can start your own marketing agency from your kitchen table.

Traditional Jobs: Women might be more productive

These jobs for women may sound traditional, but there are plenty of ways female entrepreneurs can innovate and set themselves apart to build a thriving business.

Wedding planner

About 29% of couples hire a professional wedding planner to help pull off their special day. Whether it’s full-service planning or day-of coordinating, there are a number of business ideas for women in the wedding planning industry.

Selling crafts

Are you exceptionally talented at crocheting, painting, or throwing pottery? You can sell your crafts and create a decent business. While selling goods on Etsy or your local craft fair may earn you some profit, commissioned work can be more lucrative.

Creating custom art for interior design firms, sewing stuffed animals for baby showers, and designing high-end jewelry for clients are some of the ways you can make your passion a viable business.

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In-home daycare

In 33 states, the cost of infant daycare is more expensive than college. There’s a need for more licensed in-home daycares to keep those costs lower for struggling families.

While in-home daycare can be more affordable than traditional options, daycare business owners keep their profits instead of paying a franchise fee or being paid as an employee.

This type of business isn’t as flexible as others, but it’s great for moms that have a child at home already. Check your state’s licensing requirements to find out what licenses you need and how to maintain them.

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Personal Secretary

Women tend to be better at multitasking than men, which means that jobs where you have to listen on the phone and type simultaneously, or get multiple tasks done in short order, are better suited for women. So while being a secretary may be a stereotypically female job, it’s also a job better suited to women than to men.

Yoga Instructors

Women’s bodies are more suited for yoga than men’s bodies. This is because the female body is naturally more flexible than the male body. Past these differences, however, women are also more likely to choose yoga than men are because men tend to gravitate towards competitive sports instead. Meanwhile, women have the patience necessary to succeed and encourage others as yoga instructors.

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Marketing and advertising are a woman’s domain. Why? Society has trained women to be more social than men and to pay more attention to what other people think than men do. Because of that, women tend to find it easier to get into another person’s head, making them better at advertising than their male counterparts.

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Interior design/decorating

The competition for luxury home decorating and commercial space designing can be fierce. But there are a variety of ways you can build an interiors business from scratch.

Some examples are a minimalist design package with decluttering service or wedding designer with a reception liaison add-on. By getting creative with what you design, how you do it, and where you’ll work, you can build a successful business.

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