Reels – new Instagram feature: how to make your first video

For starters,  what are Reels? It’s an Instagram tool that allows you to make and share sassy, stimulating videos. Unlike Insta Stories, they can last for more than twenty-four hours on your Instagram page.

At one point and even right now, some individuals dubbed Reels as the “TikTok imitator.” However, it has garnered positive feedbacks from popular brands, users, and influencers despite all odds. Many social media influencers have leveraged Reels while also enhancing their presence on TikTok.

So, let’s go back to the drawing board. So, what are Reels? How do you make it work? How can you promote your business using it? We will walk you through the answers and more.

What Instagram Reels are?

Insta Reels are short, prerecorded, or live Instagram videos. It furnishes some visual tools or features that allow subscribers to make a thrilling and streetwise video recording. You can create a music background for the videos and share them on your page.

Do you happen to know? Reels are one of the trendiest video tools on Instagram. Plus, the inhabitants of the United States and fifty other countries can access it.

Reels have the “For you” section and the “Explore” area. It will help to access your “Explore” page on Instagram to view random video clips on Instagram. This way, you can see as many Reels as possible. The best part is that you’re not limited to those who follow you on Instagram. The “Explore” section will allow you to view Reels from trending and famous Instagram accounts.

Reels are probably influenced by your existing followers, the kind of content you view the most, and your location.

Overall, Reels enliven creativity and boost brand awareness.

Reels-vs-storiesReels vs Stories

It’d be best not to mistake Insta Stories for Reels. They may operate a lot alike. But these two features are different. Let’s look at a few features that distinguish them.

  • You can’t sustain “Stories” in your Instagram collections. But Reels can always stay.
  • It’s impossible to view Stories randomly. On the other hand, Reels have a specific spot where you can view video clips from other Instagram users.
  • Stories will vanish after twenty-four hours unless the users include them in his/her “highlights” section. However, users secure crt sinhvienit can  send the Reels to their Stories where they can last for twenty-four hours. But it will remain on Instagram permanently if you place them in your Insta “Feed.”
  • It’s challenging or even impossible to re-share Insta Stories. But it is impossible when a public account tags you or you install a third-party application. However, you don’t need any special applications or software to share or re-share Reels. You can easily share it at any point.

Reels vs TikTok

You will agree that Reels and TikTok are rivals. So it’s one of the reasons why these two video tools are a topic for discussion.

TikTok and Reels have similar goals and objectives. They offer more than enough space for users to unleash their creative potentials. You can share them with other people. Plus, both platforms offer subscribers the luxury to make as many creative alternatives as possible.

However, it’s essential to look out for the major differences between both platforms.

  • Reels are thirty seconds long. But TikTok can last for a minute or more.
  • TikTok provides a wide spectrum of the latest songs or audio for use. In other words, you have the liberty to choose from TikTok’s large music library. There are hardly any songs especially hip-hop that you won’t find there. However, Instagram allows you to add your customized sound.
  • There are several sharing options for Reels within Instagram. For instance, you can share them in at least two places Feed and Stories.  On the other hand, TikTok offers only a few options outside it.
  • Reels are just one tool within an Instagram app but TikTok is an independent platform.

Reels vs IGTV

So there’s another Insta feature that most users mistake for Reels. The feature is known as “IGTV.” Of course, you can share your videos on both IGTV and Reels. But they have significant differences too. So let’s look at them.

  • The focal point of IGTV is for brands, influencers, and content creators to share industry-relevant video clips. However, Instagram designated Reels for pure fun.
  • IGTV allows clips of up to ten minutes long through your smartphone. But it can allow a sixty-minute video when posted through your desktop. Either way, Reels allows only thirty-second videos.
  • IGTV is an independent application as well as an in-app tool. But Reels are simply an in-app tool.
  • IGTV doesn’t give room for effects and filters during the footage. On the flip side, Reels allow effects, music, and other features that users may enjoy.

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How to make your first reel video

Now that you understand what  Insta Reels are, how do you make your first reel video? Before anything else, let’s do an overview on making your first reel video.

You can make a video clip on Instagram once you have figured out why you want to do that. All you need to get cracking is to select the Reels option in the creation field.  Make sure you click on the middle bar with the play sign to make live videos.  You can also maximize prerecorded clips by tapping the left square at the foot of the Reels field. It will lead you to the camera roll.

Below we will walk you through the most significant Reel features. This way, you can understand better the features you need to create a Reel video that will go viral. Let’s go!


Reel Duration

As far as the video duration is concerned, users can select only two different options. They can access them on the first symbol of the option on the leftward side. You can choose fifteen seconds automatically. However, the thirty-second option will appear when you tap the number.


Maybe you don’t know; the timer option also allows you to record yourself. It is the final column in the leftward column with a clock Isunshare Rar Password Genius Registration Code Free character. The timer icon will display a countdown of three to ten seconds before the recording or video footage commences. In other words, the timer icon gives you a little time to breathe or prepare before you start the actual recording.


The music is one of the pillars of the Insta Reels. The tool allows you to select from a large library. The best part is that users can always view the lyrics of the song that they’ve chosen.

The real point is that adding music will set your videos apart from others. You should click on  “Use Audio” to choose your favorite music from the Instagram library.  However, you can also opt for songs from your playlist.

Of course, the music feature could be frustrating. In some cases, the column may not appear. If it does, it blurs and won’t work due to licensing problems. You will probably encounter such issues when adding music. It will help to play some songs in the background during the video footage. However, you should keep it at the back of your mind that your video could be marked for copyright infringement.

Since you can utilize non-spontaneous videos, it will help to add music with editing applications. The most common video editing applications range from Inshot, Viva Video to Kine Master.

There’s another way to integrate music into Reels when the music icon does not appear. It is simple. It will help to look out for a published Reel with the original music. Assess the video and a list of the most recent videos that have utilized the same music will appear. Tap the “Use Audio” icon and you will see it on your Reels. This way, you can make a video or utilize one of the videos that have the music you want.


The  Insta Reels allow you to leverage effects such as choosing distinct video speeds. If you don’t know where to find the option, don’t sweat it. The option is in the third bar with the “1x” symbol. More options will show when you click on them.


Another option that will ensure a fun-filled Reel creation is a filter. It’s the fourth bar with the smiley face symbol. It will allow you to video yourself with a tailored or personalized background.

One of the advantages of filters is that it is almost similar to a video editor. So you may not have to pre-edit your screenshots. You can always cut the irrelevant part with the scissors tool. Then you can include different sections of one or more clips.

However, you should not throw your caution to the wind when using the scissors tool. It’s crucial to look out for the dimensions you want. It will guard you against removing relevant things from above the video or below it.


Another tool that can enhance your Reel creation is the text layovers. The layovers will allow you to position texts in different parts of the video. You can achieve this by moving them with your fingers. Plus, you can also polish the text duration in the time column. I bet you’ve seen numerous Instagram subscribers using these layovers to indicate different directions as they vanish and appear.


There is also the caption option in Reels. Add captions to your clip if it has a voiceover. It will help your audience to interact better with your content or delivery.

How to Share Instagram Reels

Once you have successfully created your video, it’d best to tap the “Next” icon. It will lead you to the Share section. Then, go ahead and click on the “Cover” section to polish your cover picture. Or you can fetch a cover from your camera.

You can share the Reels to either the Reels icon or your Insta Feed or both. Either way, your audience will be able to check it but through a different means. For instance, if you publish it through the Feed, users can access it through your profile grid among other posts.

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3 Ways to Leverage Instagram Reels for Brand Promotion

Now that you understand how to make your first reels, it’s crucial to know how to utilize them for brand promotion.  Then, here are three ways you can use Reels for putting your business out there.

Showcase what you offer

I’ve stated this earlier and I will restate it. Instagram subscribers who don’t follow you can view your content—this is an excellent opportunity!

You can showcase what you offer to your target audience to help them understand why you offer what you offer. Show them why they need your products or services with the right hashtags and captions.

Plus, you can partner with influencers to help you promote your business through Reels.

Announce Sales and Discount Offers

How about leveraging Reels to declare sales and discount offers?

A piece of advice: Announce your offers with authenticity and originality. At the same time, don’t downplay the thrilling part of it.

Leverage the Ads

There is the ads feature in Reels. The ads placement allows you to fulfill the following branding goals:

  • Conversions
  • Reach
  • Brand awareness

The ads offer a unique way for businesses to reach out to their target audiences when they’re checking Reels. It’s no surprise that some businesses have started to explore them and see how they can enhance their brand personalities.

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Insta Reels have gained momentum in the video creation industry. They’ve proven to be a major engagement catalyst for individuals and brands.

Whatever you intend to offer to the online audience, there’s an artistic opportunity knocking at your door with Reels. Let’s catch up on Instagram!

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