Pixelmator Pro allow to directly export assets to Motion

Pro is squeezing in one last update before the new year. The image and graphics editing suite today brings export capabilities, allowing users to create compositions inside of Pixelmator Pro and then import those easily into motion graphics for video.

Motion is Apple’s counterpart to Final Cut Pro for creating titles and transitions for use in movies. The new integration with Pixelmator Pro allows you to create illustrations and that can be directly used as Motion objects.

This update also brings much richer support for SVG files, and Pixelmator Pro can transliterate that directly into a Motion export, dramatically speeding up the workflows of vector designers for video graphics work.

Motion support includes image masks, text along a path, non-destructive Gaussian blurs, native drop shadows and more.

SVG import and export has also been overhauled in regard to the standard Pixelmator Pro experience. The company touts they now have 4 times better compatibility with their SVG target test suite.

Pixelmator Pro is available exclusively through the Mac App Store.

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