How to Share Your Wi-Fi using Windows 11

Do your friends want to use your wireless internet connection? Aside from giving your password, there is another way to your Wi-Fi.

You might not know it because you use smartphones more often. Yet, this PC method is as simple as the one for mobile devices.

This article will show you how to share Wi-Fi connectivity using a hotspot. Later, you will learn other ways of providing access to your internet connection.

How to share your Wi-Fi

Begin by opening the Start menu. Next, type “settings” in the search bar on top. Click on the Settings option to open a new window.

Click the Network & internet option on the left-hand menu. Then, look for the Mobile Hotspot switch and turn it on by clicking the switch. 

Get the device you want to share your Wi-Fi, such as a second computer or mobile device. Afterward, use the details under the Network properties tab to log into your Wi-Fi network.

Wait a few seconds to establish a connection. Also, you could change the network information by clicking the Edit button beside the Network properties tab. 

It will allow you to change your Wi-Fi name, band type, and password. Alternatively, you could get a new router to share your Wi-Fi easier. 

For example, Google Wifi Pro helps link your household devices for easier control. More importantly, it lets you create a separate online network for visitors. 

It has a username and password that is different from your home network. As a result, you can keep your private connection secure while providing guests with internet access.

Google Wifi Pro also maintains your internet speed when you share your Wi-Fi. It prioritizes high-bandwidth traffic to improve your connection. 

Moreover, you can try other smart home devices like Amazon Echo. the potential risks to your online privacy and safety before trying these.


We discussed how to share WiFi connectivity without providing your home network username and password. Instead, you can turn your Windows 11 PC into a hotspot.

your surroundings if you need help getting a stable connection. You may need to reposition your computer to the best spots for Wi-Fi.

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