How Android Can Help You Study Better

How Android Can Help You Study Better

Android has one clear advantage over its rival Apple, and that is the ability to customize and personalize your Android device. Apple doesn’t give its customers the ability to change much. Perhaps this is because their programs are on a highly-strung platform and they don’t want any changes to be made as this may stop the device working optimally.

Android phones, however, are designed to be molded around you and your lifestyle. If you’re a student or just someone who is trying to keep ahead in his or her profession, studying your chosen field is vital. In this day and age, you should expect to study whenever and wherever, which is why Android can help you achieve this. Say for example you’re on a train, and you don’t have your laptop or tablet with you, you can rely on your Android phone to help you do some of the things you wanted with those other devices. Here are some ways an Android smartphone can help you study.

Late night studying

If you are ever away from your computer or perhaps it has an issue that has stopped it from working, your Android phone can help your study late into the night.

Unlike most tablets and laptops, Android has a blue light filter. Blue light mimics daylight and thus even when it’s pitch black outside, our brains believe that it is daytime. When we are tired, that blue light can make things worse by draining our eyes and making us lose focus on what we were reading or watching. The blue light filter, turns the screen into an orange hue, making it softer on the eyes and giving you more of a chance to read what’s on screen without squinting. Devs journal has an article about reading late at night on Android. It shows you the effects of blue light and how a filter actually helps you to read for longer. So if you’re at your desk, and you’re reading notes or a website for research on your smartphone, turn on the blue light filter and give your eyes and brain a rest.

Apps galore!

Android has Apple beat hands down when it comes to app selection. There are so many useful educational apps on Play Store that you can download to your smartphone. Anything from learning basic to advanced mathematics, scientific questionnaires, and so many other subjects that are covered. No matter what kind of test you have coming up, there is an app that will quiz you on your knowledge of the topic you will be answering questions on in your exam

Apps like Zeus versus monsters – maths quiz, can help children learn about history and maths at the same time. The games and apps are interactive, so muscle memory of the right and wrong answer are stored in our brains also. Adding a physical element to learning may help students that find it difficult to just sit and read a book to get their knowledge.

Smartphones are seen as cool tech gadgets that can double as a fashion accessory. However, they have the power to help us in our studies and improve our knowledge of subjects important to our future. Android is especially geared more towards this.

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