6 Essential Phone Plan Features for Smartphone Addicts – Info Tutorial

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but with so many people admitting to being addicted to their smartphones, there may be some steep competition. Having everything from work to entertainment available in our purses or pockets makes it hard to not have that small heart attack when we realize we’ve left it on the counter. However, there is an even bigger price that can sneak up on us heavy users if we have the wrong plan. Here are some features to look for in your plan to ensure that it matches the bill.

01) Postpaid vs. Prepaid

How often do you make phone calls? If you’re constantly dialing up co-workers or answering your pocket, a postpaid plan may be best for you as it often offers less expensive call rates. That is because this type of plan includes a lock-in period of one to two years with a minimum monthly service charge. On the other hand, if your calls are less frequent, but you need a plan that relies less on the internet, then the prepaid option may be better suited to you.

02) Unlimited Calls

Depending on how often you talk on the phone, another feature to consider is unlimited calls. A plan that offers this feature may be a little pricier, but for most of us smartphone addicts out there, it’s worth every penny to be able to make all of our calls without getting pegged with additional fees. However, if most of your phone use involves nearly everything but the dial pad, then the extra charge may be unnecessary.

03) Unlimited Data

Unlimited data can be extremely helpful, especially if life often takes you to where there is either questionable Wi-Fi networks or none at all. It can also be a helpful feature to look at if a single phone plan is being shared among a family of heavy smartphone users. In cases like these, including unlimited data into your plan may be cheaper in the long run than having to pay all the extra fees that come with exceeding the monthly limit.

04) Unlimited Streaming

Several cell phone plans, including plans from a carrier like T-Mobile, offer unlimited streaming of all your favorite movies and shows, usually with decent quality viewing. In addition to this, T-Mobile’s plan offers Netflix without any extra fees. So if your smartphone is your best babysitter or if you just have a habit of going back through all of the best episodes of that last season, unlimited streaming is another smartphone bonus to check for when deciding on what kind of phone plan would be the best fit for your usage patterns.

05) In-Flight Texting and Data

If there’s anything that makes a long plane ride even longer, it’s realizing that for several hours you won’t be able to reach work or your current Netflix binge. Before you book your flight, consider adding this bonus to your phone plan. The occasional vacation or visit to the in-laws may not call for it, but if you continually find your forehead glued to the window of the plane for business trips and other events, this is a definite feature to add.

06) Roaming

Just because your phone travels with you, doesn’t always mean all of its perks do as well. This is something that is easily overlooked, so before you land yourself on the other side of the ocean and into a pile of international charges, look for roaming in your phone plan. Roaming is an essential feature for smartphone addicts on the go, as it allows for calls, text messages, and even data to follow you on all of your adventures abroad.

Get The Phone Plan That Match Your Lifestyle

Reviewing your daily phone use as well as pricing can help you decide the best and most affordable plan for you. Phone plans offer a variety of options meant to match the everyday life of smartphone users, from work to play. Be sure to take advantage of the ones that would make a good fit for you and your family and continue to enjoy your smartphone.

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