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Django is a one-size-fits-all Python web framework that was inspired by Ruby on Rails and uses many of the same metaphors to make web development fast and easy. Fully loaded and flexible, Django has become one of Python’s most widely used web frameworks.

Django includes virtually everything you need to build a web application of any size, and its popularity makes it easy to find examples and help for various scenarios. Plus Django provides tools to allow your application to evolve and add features gracefully, and to migrate its data schema (if it has one).

Django also has a reputation for being complex, with many components and a good deal of “under the hood” configuration required. In truth, you can get a simple app up and running in relatively short order, then expand its functionality from there as needed.

In this guide we’ll walk through the creation of a rudimentary Django 2.0 app, and touch briefly on the most crucial features it provides for web developers.

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