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1. Demonstrate Your Product In Use

Your visitors don’t want the description of your product or the assurance of its awesomeness – they want to see how it looks when it is being used.

Use large images to demonstrate it. It can be an image of a product by itself (or with the emphasis on a product and not the one who uses it) or one showing people using or wearing the product.

The latter variant is recommended when the product isn’t unique enough to be interesting in its own right, and you want to anchor it to a model to help people visualize it (it is recommended to use models you think are similar to your target demographic to help them identify with your product).

The former variant is used when the product is unique or shows an unusual take on the problem, and you want the visitor to concentrate on it.

2. Use Images Of People For Directional Cues

Evolution taught our brains to pay special attention to faces, and numerous eye tracking studies show people’s gaze are drawn to images of it.

Not only does the human eye immediately skip to the image of a face while ignoring everything else, but when the face looking in a certain direction, it is inclined to follow its gaze.

Use it to your advantage: first, attract the attention with an image of a human being, then redirect this attention to the part of the page you consider the most important by making this human face look in that direction.

3. Show Your Product In Action With GIFs

GIFs can serve as an interesting alternative to the video to demonstrate the most important features of your product.

Instead of using an autoplay function (which annoys many users) or expecting visitors to click your video (which many of them won’t do), use a GIF to show a few most interesting functions of what you offer – it is traffic-light and unobtrusive.

4. Use Pictures Of The Business Owner

First, it makes your business more human and easier to relate to. Second, it builds up your brand and associates the business with a specific person, again giving the visitors an impression that they deal with a particular human – not a faceless company and not random hired help.

5. Show The Visitors What They Should Feel

If you want your visitors to experience a particular emotion, show it. If you want your product to be associated with happiness and joy, show happy people in your pictures. Just don’t overdo it – make sure it doesn’t look forced.

You don’t have to use all these tips on a single landing page – it would be better if you try them out one at a time and see how it affects the conversion. The effectiveness of every particular approach may be different depending on the product, target audience and many other factors – so don’t be afraid to experiment.

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