What do you all do outside of your day job to sharpen and keep up your design skills? – Info Graphic Design

Howdy yall. Just curious on what kind things you do outside of your day jobs to keep up your , learn new skills, or just do design work that's totally unrelated to your job?

At my job, the programs I use mostly are illustrator and photoshop. In terms of the technical work I do, it's kinda the same stuff since I started this job back in September.

I've learned a lot since I started and don't get me wrong, I love my job and I'm not bored, but for a while now I feel like I've kinda mastered the day to day work process. It's getting more or less routine. I've been getting a lot of new and fun and different projects to do, but ultimately the technical side of work is feeling the same and I just wanna learn new things on my own and be able to bring those new skills to new projects and have an evolving way of doing things.

I was doing design challenges like 36 Days of Type and that helped me learn new techniques and evolve my work flow.

Any other ideas or challenges on how to improve?

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