8 Handy Photoshop Tips for Photographers and Starters

Yes, when it comes to photography, Photoshop is referred to as the “Secret Weapon”. This is the fairway that allows you to combine tones, techniques, and effects to represent your artwork tremendously. No doubt that Photoshop is a timesaving tool, but to cash that time you need to learn it properly. Also, when it comes to artwork, you ought to use a PSD image file because it is best for photo-based illustrations, while AI (Adobe Illustrator) image doesn’t. And, whenever you want to convert AI to PSD image file, simply consider a free version of AI to PSD converter online.

Well, come to the point, get ready to explore the best Photoshop tips to try, it does not matter whether you are a starter or a Photoshop tool veteran.

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How to Sample Background Colors Quickly?

The eyedropper tool is waiting for you right now, you just have to click a sample color to change the foreground color. All you people have to hold Alt while tapping on a sample color, by doing your background color will be changed. Whenever you need to make images for printing, PSD (Photoshop Document) file takes place over AI because it preserves the original quality. And, an online AI to PSD converter is the best support that preserves the original illustrator quality while converting AI image to PSD.

How to Get a Selection Back?

Is it happened ever when you lose a selection that you have created? Although the undo command does not work here, but you could tap Ctrl + Shift + D (Cmd + Shift + D on the Mac) to attain the previous selection back.

How to Generate High Contrast Clouds Filter?

Typically, to attain the clouds effect, you ought to go to Filter > Render > Clouds. But when you people hold Alt while sticking with the Filter > Render > Clouds menu – you could get the high contrasts clouds rather than the usual clouds layer. If you have a bunch of AI images and want to convert them into PSDs, then a free AI to PSD converter that does all for you!

How to Make an Image Bigger With No Quality Loss?

If we talk about the past, increasing image size leads to blur and artifacts. Thanks to a new feature of CC Photoshop that assists to increase bitmaps size with no quality loss. To activate it right now navigate to Image > Image Size. The given resample option helps in controlling the quality of the photo when you increase the size. When it comes to layered images, Photoshop document files are ideal even you have illustrator files. And, if you already consist few AI files, then turn it into PSD with AI to PSD converter online.

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How to Use Color Control with the Black & White Adjustment Layer?

Consider the Black & White Adjustment Layer to simply control the luminance of specific colors in your Photo. Just open your picture, then simply create a new Black & White adjustment layer. Then, you ought to change the blend mode to Luminosity. Now, when you play around with the red value, note that the red hue is only affected. Working with layers becomes easy if you have PSD instead of AI vector image file. Thus, normally, an online AI to PSD converter is considered to quickly save AI as PSD.

How to Open the Same Document In 2 Windows?

Photoshop lets you open the same photo in two windows side-by-side, even with one view zoomed in and one view zoomed out. To do this:

  • navigate to Window option > Arrange > New window for (document name)

Remember that with this both windows will display the same document, so whatever applies would affect both of them. You could account with the best AI to PSD converter to swiftly convert Ai to Photoshop Document image file.

How to Clip Thumbnails to Layer Bounds?

Yes, you could customize thumbnail sizes in the layers anytime you want. All you need to do is:

  • make a right-click on a layer thumbnail
  • choose Clip thumbnails to layer bound if you only want to get the layer’s content for individual thumbnails
  • if you want to see the full canvas artwork, you ought to use Clip Thumbnails to document Bounds

Alternatively, you can apply the same setting for individual layers by right-clicking in the blank area inside the Layers panel – and even choosing the aforementioned menu. Also, you have to always stick with PSD image files because it supports layers of graphics in a single file, while AI doesn’t do the same. And, if your concern is just about converting AI image to PSD, then consider online AI to PSD converter free.

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How to Use Smart Objects?

If you need to do a non-destructive workflow in PS, smart objects are indicated as essential elements. Smart objects are used for grouping layers together and even preventing clutter in the layer’s panel. It also saves the original resolution of the layer’s artwork.

When it comes to creating a new document, photoshop software lets you to set measuring units. But, the time comes when you require to switch between different units. Typically, you have to choose the options:

  • Photoshop > Preferences > Units & Rulers option(or, on a PC, Edit > Preferences > Units & Rulers)

Even, you could do it instantly! Just tap on a ruler (Cmd/Ctrl + R to show your rulers) and choose the measuring unit that is required.

Thankfully, you come to know some stunning Photoshop software tips that work great if you stick with them in the right way!

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