Infographic: Measuring Brands’ Digital Performance Against Their Rivals – Info Advertisement

Savvy marketers know that while having a high-quality product is important, it’s not the only aspect a brand needs to be successful. Brands now have access to more data than ever before, which is exactly why it’s important they benchmark their digital performance against rivals.

In the 2018 Analytics Benchmark report, internet marketing service ContentSquare visualized industry averages on KPIs, including session time, number of pageviews, bounce rate and the average revenue per transaction. The results highlighted that while a global mindset is important, it’s important to home in on your own industry when analyzing a brand’s data to get context for decisions down the line.

“Being able to measure the performance of their digital assets allows brands to put user reaction at the heart of experience development,” said Jonathan Cherki, CEO of ContentSquare. “Combining this with the ability to benchmark these findings to industry averages adds a layer of insight to their marketing strategy and gives brands the critical knowledge they need to stay ahead of the digital curve.”

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