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Hi, all! New to r/graphic_design, thousand pardons if there’s already hundreds of threads seeking advice!

I’m 19 and finishing up year 12 in Australia (final year before university), and I’m very fond of graphic communication and design. As such, I will occasionally design banners and logos for my friends.

I don’t really ask for payments but I feel like I should, but I’m scared of A. Getting my name out there because B. I’m not sure if my clients would like the work I produce. If they don’t like it would I still charge them? I’m not sure how commissions work in that scenario.

Moreover, how would I go about getting my name out there in the first place? I’ve only done stuff for friends and friends of friends you see. I’m not sure if the work I do would fall into a particular or noticeable style (this is the link to my tumblr page which is where I used to post all the stuff I would work on in my spare time: )

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I hope you all have a great day! Cheers!

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