I designed these masks for a wine label concept. – Info Graphic Design

  • Follow reddiquette, don’t self-promote

  • No purely artistic or aesthetic submission. Designs must convey an idea or message. If you’re not sure, see; /r/Art, /r/Illustration or /r/graphic_art

  • Sharing your Work – Submitting a TEXT post discussing the context (how you it, the client, challenges you faced, etc.).

  • No solicitation contests, free consultancy, or spec work. Job posts belong in /r/forhire, /r/DesignJobs or /r/jobs

  • “How Is This Done?” and “What Style Is This?” and youtube tutorials belong in the Tech Tuesdays Thread

  • No Typeface identification. See /r/identifythisfont

  • No crappy design, memes. See /r/CrappyDesign or /r/designmemes

  • When asking a question, please research this sub for similar questions. Posting questions, when it’s obvious you haven’t looked or researched for the same or similar questions, will be removed.

  • Please report any posts which break these rules, to maintain the quality of the subreddit.

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