Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men Followup For Amazon Gets a Teaser and Premiere Date – Info Advertisement

capped its appearance at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Los Angeles by releasing the first teaser and announcing a date for The Romanoffs, which is Matthew Weiner’s first TV series since Mad Men ended in 2015.

The teaser, which lists part of the impressive from Weiner’s new show but contains no actual footage from the anthology series, reveals that The Romanoffs will debut on Oct. 12.

The Romanoffs is a contemporary anthology series, which is set around the world and features eight different stories about people who believe they are descendants of the royal family.

The show was shot on location across three continents and seven countries.

Each episode will feature a new cast, with appearances from Noah Wyle, Diane Lane, Aaron Eckhart, Amanda Peet, Corey Stoll, Andrew Rannells and Mad Men alums Christina Hendricks and John Slattery.

The show has been in the works for more than two years, but Weiner was still tight-lipped about the project when he spoke with Adweek in 2016:

“I really don’t want to talk about it. I will talk about it when the time is right. I feel like interfering at this point in the process, it’s not good for any aspect of the show. It’s not like, “Oh, it’s so amazingly top secret!” It’s more like, I can’t work and have people saying, “Whatcha doing?” On Mad Men, we already had the pilot [completed] by the time we ever met a journalist.”

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