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For the token economy to take off, the world of gaming really does make the most sense. While Coinbase and Kin both start to think of gift certificates, tokens in gaming remain I think the best way to test cryptocurrencies in a digital economy.

I think Kin, TRON and even the WOM Token, understand that for young people and teens, the intersection of gaming and crypto really is the future. This is because both industries are growing so fast. The ultimate affiliate marketing and advertising might soon occur within games as well.

Gaming Collectibles on the Blockchain

From in-game collectibles (e.g. Epik Token) to stuff that might be fun in games like Fortnite that has exploded in popularity, the future of gaming is at the very heart of digital immersion and collaboration for young people today. We live in an era when a F2P game can become a billion dollar winner. And, why shouldn’t cypto be in on it?

Can you imagine how blockchain and gaming could come together? BLMP (Blockchain Licensing Marketplace) is a blockchain technology company working to remove obstacles and facilitate trust in the complex issues surrounding Supply Chain Management transactions in the virtual goods industry. BLMP seem like yet another smart team looking into this, you can follow them on Medium here. Not surprising to me they are based out of Singapore but with a global team and US presence.

Advertizing is set to be Redefined in VR and in a Token-Economy

Advertizing at the intersection of VR, really is in gaming. Engagement on mobile games is very high among young people today in comparison to even SMS and music apps. Whatever you think about the emergence of non-fungible tokens, blockchain communities are starting to understand how tokens will likely appear in gaming and how disruptive it could be.

Video Games, 420, Vape and Crypto

We live in a world where video games were — “Video games are bad for you? That’s what they said about rock and roll” — supposed to be bad for you, but that’s what they said about cannabis, vape, crypto mining and becoming self-employed. All of these things are looking pretty good today, because the world is changing and the preferences of young people actually matter in how the future of technology is shaped.

The truth is, video game culture has grown up along with crypto, they are like siblings if you will. Here are where young men are actually changing the world.

A video game turned this self-taught 23-year-old programmer into a budding mogul who can support his mom and brother.

Every heard of “MeepCity”? A F2P game with already 15 million monthly active users. This from an entirely self-taught programmer who is younger than Vitalik Buterin, and officially part of the “GenZ” cohort that are doing things their own way.

Let’s please move beyond cryptokitties, what could non-fungible tokens (NFTs) really become?

If Mobile Esports is the next big thing, China is likely to lead how gaming and tokens interact. Obviously companies like Tencent and blockchains like TRON here have huge potential. Earning crypto in-game is not exactly hard to imagine.

The real GenZ Attention Economy is not what you Think

Video gaming emerging as a major pillar of a new attention economy. If the growth behind crypto collectibles is fueled by the emergence of the non-fungible token standard for Ethereum (ERC 721), original tokens in gaming might also take place with blockchain innovations of the world’s leading gaming companies. Think of how the smallest measurable fraction of bitcoins knows a satoshis have been ‘colored’ to represent real world assets. Think of how pervasive in-game currencies already are in so many MMORGs!

I don’t even understand the full implications of this, but maybe one of you does. In 2009, 80 percent of video games sold were physical copies and 20 percent were digital. Not even ten years later, that’s pretty laughable. Companies like Sony, Tencent, Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft are literally changing the way young people consume media by their creative work.

With the rise of mobile addiction to a mainstream phenomena, gamers can hide their addiction relatively out in the open. The rise of mobile gaming changes everything. If you thought crypto communities were an important new subculture to the internet, you clearly haven’t been a serious gamer. If the speculative cryptocurrency market cap has a rough value of around $300 Bn., the gaming industry has revenues that are expected to hit $230 billion by 2022 in real and actual sales. We are talking night and day here of the future of the internet.

2.3 billion gamers across the globe will spend $137.9 billion on games in 2018. That slice will only grow, as GenZ puts off children, houses, cars and many other things in vastly different world (the oldest of them is only 23 after all).

World of Warcraft, Clash of Clans, CryptoKitties, Pokémon and Fortnite — these are formative experiences for some people. The real world or Netflix can’t compete with this level of digital immersion for some of these brains gamified on the future flavors of digital dopamine.

How do you see tokens making their way into gaming?

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