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ESA astronaut and geophysicist Dr. Alexander Gerst performed a solo live with music masters Kraftwerk. From space, live, Gerst played pre-set notes on an app from his tablet aboard the International Space Station, in Spacelab 2.0 Columbus. We've got the complete appearance in a video posted below, and from here you shall witness the greatness of our modern age.

On the 20th of July, 2018, at 21:50 local time, this astronaut played music at a live concert with Kraftwerk in front of 7,500 concertgoers. This is the latest in a line of futuristic and hereto impossible ways to transmit music to the world. Behold this newness, and take in the electronic bleeps and bloops unto your mind-grapes.

OF NOTE: Gerst begins his solo with the notes that bring the universe together – those space alien notes from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. He goes on to speak with the masses live. “I am one of only six people in space, on the outpost of humanity, the International Space Station ISS, 400 kilometers above sea level. The ISS is a Man Machine – the most complex and valuable machine humankind has ever built,” said Gerst.

“Here in the European Columbus laboratory, the successor to the Spacelab, the European Space Agency ESA is researching things that will improve daily life on Earth. More than 100 different nations work together peacefully here and achieve things that a single nation could never achieve. We are developing technologies on board the ISS to grow beyond our current horizons and prepare to take further steps into space, to the Moon and Mars.”

Gerst left a message this week on the concert as well. “Never thought that the first concert I ever play is with the legendary @Kraftwerk, Let alone jamming live from space with them, from the “Spacelab 2.0″ Columbus on @ Space_Station directly to Stuttgart.” He was quoted on the ESA blog devoted to his adventures, “Alexander Gerst's Horizons Blog.”

This is a message of peace, harmony, and love for humanity from some of our most forward-thinking scientists and artists. Together as humans we can forge a path into the future with music as our one language – embrace it!

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