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And you thought a phone interview is challenging. How about the next phase, which will involve using also known as video technology? Many major employers have become more sophisticated in the use of such technology and are using the services of companies like Interview Stream for Webcam interviewing. The Webcam is an additional selection tool a company can use before it's willing to commit further time and money.

Here's how it works: A candidate receives an e-mail invitation to click on a link that takes the candidate through the process. Some job seekers, though, are using older computers that can't be quickly upgraded, and to work with a Webcam would generate an additional expense. What are they to do?

Preparing for an interview is challenging enough by itself. Nowadays, there are several additional layers of difficulties that have been added on. In terms of a Webcam or video interview, first there's the technical part. This involves setting up the Webcam, adjusting microphone settings, arranging for proper lighting and a background the lens captures, deciding on the angle that's most flattering for you, and doing many other things an amateur videographer can't even begin to imagine. Second, the candidate has to quickly learn how to become videogenic, since a big part of the hiring decision is based on a candidate's image. In order to look good on video, the candidate has to look constantly at the video lens. This by itself is a monumental test of one's ability to do so, since very few people are trained to appear on video camera.

The next step happens when the program shows the candidate a countdown—3, 2, 1—and then the words NOW appear, as does a countdown for two minutes. The candidate gets five questions to answer. After recording the answers, the candidate gets one more chance—to redo the two minutes if not satisfied with the first go-round.

The last step is to click Submit, and then the praying can start. Hopefully, you'll hear back from the company. I'm wondering whether there's an Academy Award for those who've mastered this 21st-century innovation whose use is limited to just being screened for employment.

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