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Hey guys, have you heard of It's not just an enviable domain… it's the latest and greatest work tool!

It allows you to see what everyone on your team is working on in a single glance.

You can manage your projects with ease, plan visually on a timeline and centralize all your communication in one place.

It's suitable for any sized team, from two freelancers working together to thousands collaborating across the globe and is really popular amongst non-tech teams, often replacing burdensome excel files, whiteboards, and excessively long meetings.

Check out their jazzy promo videos below or learn more on their website.

With some serious backing,, is fully customizable to any vertical and currently has over 35,000 paying teams around the world, from over 140 .

Not only is their UI intuitive, it actually breaks down silos, improves communication and boosts productivity. So if you work in a team, I encourage you to check out on

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