Wanted: Talented brand storytellers

How has content helped you meet your recruitment, brand awareness, crisis recovery or lead generation goals? What stories did you produce this year that were highly sharable? Was a piece of internal content particularly successful?

We’re seeking brand storytellers who know their way around a clickable headline, a viral video or a fleeting social trend. We want to know how you tapped into the way people consume content today and used that to your brand’s .

PR Daily will marketing and communications professionals who write, edit, film, curate, broadcast, publish and just plain create superb content to promote their brand or organization.

This year’s categories include:

Content Marketing for the Purpose of:

  • Brand Awareness
  • *NEW!*Lead Generation
  • *NEW!* Reputation Management
  • Talent

Content Marketing Assets:

  • *NEW!*Audio Storytelling
  • Content Series
  • *NEW!* Interactive Visual Content
  • Print Publication
  • Social Media
  • Video

Don’t miss the upcoming deadline:

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