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6.1 of Angular, Google's popular JavaScript framework for building mobile and desktop applications, is here, with the first production release available.

Angular provides dependency injection, particularly useful for assembling data services for applications, along with use of an HTML template to compose components. In Angular, developers still compose components with an HTML component that connects to TypeScript code for imperative parts of the program.

New version: What's new in Angular 6.1

Google's Angular 6.1 arrived in late July 2018. Version 6.1 is slated to be the last minor release in the Angular 6.x line. 

Its router scroll position restoration lets developers configure the router to remember and restore scroll position while the user navigates an application. New events reset the scroll position; pressing the Back button restores the prior position. To turn this capability on, use this setting RouterModule.forRoot(routes, {scrollPositionRestoration: 'enabled'}). This capability is expected to become the default setting in a future release.

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