4 Useful Apps For Keeping Online Video Diaries | Tutorial

Journaling and keeping diaries as well as blogging are more popular than ever as people share their lives with others. If you want to keep a diary instead of just a written one, here are some apps and websites you may wish to explore.

LiveJournal is for private journaling or for sharing your writing within the LiveJournal community. It combines blogging with social networking, so people have the option to share their content with other similarly-minded people.

To use the video journaling component, you have to create the video and then upload it to the site. There is no built-in feature to capture video from the app.

Some of the features of LiveJournal include uploading photos and videos, creating polls, and the ability to work offline. Because it offers a vast, active community to share with, you can read others' posts and comment on them.

You can use LiveJournal and mobile for free with limited features. If you want more images and no ads, subscribe to one of three plans.

  • Annual: $25 for one year
  • Semi-annual: $15 for six months
  • Monthly: $5 for one month

The app is not the easiest to navigate but has many good features if you can find them.

MindLogr is a journaling app with video capability that believes journaling is a way for people to record their thoughts and experiences and create a more meaningful life. With your permission, it automatically records outside influences such as weather, your fitness, current health, and location. Because it ties journaling in with total health, they offer a Mind Exploration Guide and guided logs to help you get the most from the experience.

This app is all about vlogging. It was built around it and designed specifically for video journaling. With Mindlogr, you can upload video files of any size and tag them to find later. The videos are compressed when you upload, so the transfers are quick.

MindLogr has a pretty robust set of features. You can customize the appearance of your logbooks in several ways including background images. Keep your entries private or share them through , and even shared log books.

One intriguing option with MindLogr is the ability to appoint a custodian for your account. If you would happen to pass away, they would be able to access your videos.

It only works by accessing their website on a desktop computer. It will work on the Web from your mobile but only if you upgrade to one of the paid subscription packages.

  • Standard $1.00 per month or $10/year
  • Premium $5.00 per month or $50/year

It seems like a decent app at a reasonable price, but it doesn't have much of a presence on the Internet. There are very few reviews available on it, so it's either the best-kept secret or not a very good app. I would give the free app a try first if you are interested in using it.

This diary app by QLIntelligence Apps is strictly an Android mobile app. It uploads previously recorded videos you select to add to your entries. You can also record and save audio files inside the app.

This Diary App doesn't have a lot of features, but it offers unlimited entries and is effortless to use.

The only personalizing available is choosing your background color.

This app is free, but it does have full-page ads. I didn't see options for a premium package.

This app is truly multi-platform. Journey works on any mobile device, on the Web at Journey Cloud, or on a desktop application that does not require the Internet.

Journey app for journaling has a simple way to add video entries to your diary: Record them directly inside the mobile app. The desktop version records video as well, but recording video is not available on Journey Cloud. If you need the ability to record from an off-line desktop app, you will need to purchase the Premium add-on for a $4.99 one0time fee or the Cloud add-on for $2.99 a month.

The Journey app is a Google's Choice app, probably because of the number of features it offers. For example, entries sync with Google Drive so you can access them anywhere. The app gives options to upload multiple images, other videos, and panoramas, to tag your entries to locate them later, and the ability to download them as PDFs or Word docs to print them.

If you are interested in keeping a video journal, there are not many choices for apps out there right now, but the ones listed in this article will give you that ability. What are some other ways you could keep a video diary without using one of these apps? Add your ideas into the comments below.

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