5 Essential Marketing Workflows That Will Impress Your Boss

isn’t easy. Between new tools, new clients, and an ever-evolving audience, it’s tough to keep up. So it pays to be organized. A good marketing workflow will save you time, improve teamwork and create a solid framework for repeated success. Here are some essential marketing workflows for content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, online PR, and search engine marketing.

Essential Marketing

Just customize and add versions of these workflows to a Microsoft PowerPoint slide or your project management software. They will help keep your project organized and on track. Consequently, your boss will totally think that you are a hero. Besides, you are anyway, right!?

Ask the right questions.

New hires may be eager to look like they already know it all, but it never hurts to ask thoughtful questions. Bryce Welker, founder and CEO of CPA review site CPA Exam Guy, appreciates an employee who shows their desire to get a better feel for the job and the company itself.

“When I brought on a new team member for some simple data entry, he immediately impressed me by asking insightful questions about how other aspects of our business worked,” he says. “He was good at his job but what was more important to me was that he demonstrated a desire to learn more about our company.”

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