#TBT: As asbestos makes a (dubious) comeback, a look at how it was once marketed | Advertising

What does Trump’s America need more of? A notorious carcinogen, apparently. As Zo Schlanger notes in a Quartz post headlined “The US never banned asbestos. Now Trump may assist its ,”

On July 1, the US Environmental Protection Agency issued a “significant new use rule,” which invites manufacturers to petition the EPA to seek approval of any new asbestos product on a case-by-case basis. The rule says that the EPA will evaluate new asbestos products as “new use” if they’ve determined they aren’t currently being manufactured.

That opens up the possibility of all manner of new asbestos-based products, including adhesives, roofing materials, pipe insulation and floor tiles. The move is part of the Trump EPA’s ongoing efforts to relax restrictions on big business while weakening environmental and health protections.

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